Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tomato - Tomahto

The tax man has our paperwork and I can get back to the sketchbook.  Wading through receipts slows art production, but not completely.  My daughter gave me a lovely mushy Valentine's card that begged to be recreated in watercolor.  And, during a few late night wind down sessions, that's what I did.  No photos to share just yet.

I can share these fruits of my labor...  See what I did there?  Sorry, couldn't resist.  Prior to the tax interruption, two color pencil tomatoes appeared in the pocket Moleskine.  On the left: older Faber-Castell pencils that came with a colored pencil booklet (purchased years ago - used once).  On the right: Prismacolor pencils.  I'm wondering if the FC pencils are a cheaper version. I wasn't impressed with the feel or color.  Perhaps a different paper choice would help.  Whatever the reason, I prefer the Prismacolor.  Now I'm curious what good old Crayola pencils would do... saving the next Moleskine page for one more tomato.

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