Friday, April 22, 2016

but Mommm, I don't wannnna'!

Grandslackmaster - aka me.

#CreativeSprint day 8 - Make something in/from your bathroom.  I sketched the small kid-crafted sculpture that hangs in my bathroom.

Day 9 - Create your own holiday and how to celebrate it.  This is what I posted on Facebook:

Human to Human Day: face to face and voice to voice. (The theme song writes itself.) A national day to reconnect without electronic filters.
All communication is in person or phone call (not text - CALL).
No Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, video games, trolling - basically, no staring mindlessly at phones or computers. 
Everyone celebrates with family/friends/community by doing the multitude of fabulous things that don't require computers, tv or internet (exception only for video chatting with faraway peeps). 
(And no selfies of what you're doing on H2H Day.)

Day 10 (which I did on day 11) -  Use water as a medium or inspiration in your creation.  Interest, inspiration and patience waning, I splashed some water on the boards of our deck.

Day 12, 13, 14, 15....  My 6-year-old attention span wandered off, ignoring multiple not-so-inspiring prompts.  The last few are intriguing, but I've been otherwise occupied.  I feel like the kids in junior high who signed up to run "long" distance (800 meters) and got all whiny and wheezy and quit half way through the race.  I need a bossy art coach.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Books & Cats & Stuff

We've arrived at day 7 of #CreativeSprint.  One whole week of daily creativity.

Day 3
Your name.  I remembered the letter stacks from a past Christmas letter for some absentminded fun.

Day 4
Take a 5 minute walk, collect stuff, make something for others to find.  I cheated.  Near dusk, after planting in the garden all day, I made a face on the sidewalk beside our house.

Day 5
Collections.  Hmmm.  A library trip resulted in twice the books I intended to get.  Aha.  I have a book thing and the library recently fed my habit.  This is the stack that doesn't fit on the bookshelves. 

Day 6
Fruits or veggies.  At the end of a looooong day and no giving up... veggies I'm trying to eat more of.

Day 7
Watch your pet.  My pen wasn't waterproof. 

The full 2 page spread of our entertaining feline.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

In the Weeds

My ground rules for #CreativeSprint . . .
- The prompt is a nudge, a thought - follow it wherever the day and brain takes you.
- It's practice - not gallery artwork.
- Posting on the blog must take no more than 15 minutes.  (This will be ridiculously difficult.)
- No explaining how fast I drew or why the sketch kinda' sucks.  (Even harder... seriously, get me a don't-do-it medicine patch like smokers have.)

Day 2 - Create something inspired by a children's fable or fairy tale.

It's a beautiful no-wind Saturday and time to prep the garden.  While hacking at weeds and smoothing the soil, I kept hearing one garden nursery rhyme over and over.  A few volunteer onions and weeds posed for a portrait before meeting their demise.

Friday, April 1, 2016

It's a-LIVE!

That's right.  I'm still on the planet and still fighting the slacker artist habit - sometimes winning, more often not.  My sister recently asked me to do the Creative Sprint challenge with her and it started today.  I intend to track my progress here in a valiant attempt to not disappear again.

Day 1 of #CreativeSprint - Make something that fits in the palm of your hand using only materials in your immediate environment.  See my goofy face of art supplies.  It was fun and quick and made me smile.  I then noticed what a few others were doing via the Creative Sprint hashtag and thought "Oh wow, I could've been so much more creative and artsy and good grief, stop already and be happy you started and will do something again tomorrow!"

Click on one photo & toggle between these two quickly... animation!  Heh heh.  Clever she is.
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