Thursday, May 23, 2013

Doodle Evolution

Stressful week here and I barely drew.  One sketching session and then a tiny bit in my pocket calendar each day.  Things are looking up a tad, so back to the sketchbook.  In the meantime - some early March art.

I didn't feel like drawing this particular day.  I didn't want to figure out what to draw or what to draw with.  So, I started doodling random patterns in the pocket Moleskine.  It turned out to be a nice bit of art therapy.

I liked the flowers and little ideas started sprouting.  The next night a whole garden of them appeared.

I colored in the bits of background that peeked through with brown pen and decided to highlight one flower.  It didn't quite turn out as I imagined, but what the heck - just a little experiment.

The contrast with the brown seemed too busy or irritating or something.  The next page grew into a beehive of flowers and I liked the black showing through better, but what about adding a touch of color?  That turned into the fourth page of this series.  A little bit of fun out of one day that I didn't want to draw. 

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