What is this trek? ~or~ New visitors stop here.

Creating art is in my bones.  My parents indulged my artistic tendencies with lots of paper, crayons, pencils & paints.  THIS child was going to travel, create & pay her way in the world.  This meant, of course, I'd be a traveling art teacher.  That didn't quite pan out, but I was determined to be an artist.  Painting, drawing, sculpting - yeah, baby!

Then college - "How am I going to make money?"  So, I majored in graphic design.  My drawing & painting instructor said "you're a painter" and reminded us art is not about bucks.  Nevertheless, I spent four years learning graphic design and abstract techniques (preferred style of most the instructors) and doing less and less of my art.  Along the way I just stopped.  Marriage, kids, work, pets, gardening... all wonderful things, but I lost my artist.  My parents continued to occasionally give me new sketchbooks and I would draw just a bit and then they'd be forgotten.  I was out of practice & intimidated by the blank pages.

Fast forward - 2012.  My daughter was on a mission - make Mom make art again!  She gave me new "sketchbooks."  She was relentless.  So, here we are . . . on a trek back to creative me.  Go ahead - pull on those internet hiking boots and tag along.

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Maggie said...

like this - oh thank you for daughters!!!

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