Friday, February 22, 2013

The Envelope Please...

And the award goes to.. me!  Eeek!  (That's a good eek.)  Yup, I won and I'm probably happier about that than I am the recent snowstorm and, considering I'm obsessed with snow, that's a lot!

Over there on the right side of the page are several artist or art-related blogs I follow.  While browsing the blogs a few weeks ago, I noticed Kristy at Flying Shoes Art Studio was having a contest in appreciation of her followers.  Briefly explain why you love art and the favorite reply would win a print of "Artist."  Really?  Fantastic!  I've admired her work and that piece in particular since I discovered it last fall.  I dug into the ole brain and, after multiple rewrites, came up with a short statement - "Art seeks me - reveals despair, joy, angst, peace - entreats my soul to fill the page... to lift hearts.  I seek art - as comfort, as challenge, as breath."  I wanted to run it by my writer sister, but she wasn't paying attention to our chat window so I clicked submit.

A week or so later & there was a message waiting on this blog ... and it wasn't from my sister!  (That didn't come out right - I always like hearing from you sis.)  It was Kristy - I'd won!  I gave her my info.  She gave me some great advice and encouragement.   Kristy announced the winner today on her blog and included links to my blogs!  (This one & my rambling The wind blew me here.)  I just came in from trying to draw in the snow and there it was.  I am flattered and honored and nervous.  If you're visiting my blog for the first time, you'll find my story in What is this trek? and a few of the first posts back in September.

Though I didn't submit visual art and it may not seem big to long-time practicing artists, this feels like another milestone.  No matter where the sketchbook leads me, this print will always be symbolic of my journey.   And the encouragement that resulted from pushing that submit button will be treasured.  Thanks Kristy!

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