Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pentel Meets Pentalic

I'd only used Micron, Copic liner or FaberCastell Pitt pens in the little blue book up to this point.  I acquired a Pentel pocket brush pen during the road trip illustrated earlier by my feet on the dash.  The first test was in the pocket Moleskine with decent results, but the paper is on the thin side.  The pages in the little Pentalic are sturdier and definitely hold the ink and paint better (no show through on the opposite side).

This is the second page of experimentation with the pocket brush - plus a test of watercolors.

My misguided thought that the pocket brush pen would improve my handwriting was a bust.  Oh well, it's still a great sketching tool!

Side note:  I had a sudden bout of can't-move-give-me-drugs back pain this past weekend.  Not something I'm used to dealing with and there was no drawing going on - just couldn't do it.  It is much better.  However, I have new found appreciation for those dealing with back pain chronically and still contributing to society in any meaningful way.  You amaze me.

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