Thursday, April 7, 2016

Books & Cats & Stuff

We've arrived at day 7 of #CreativeSprint.  One whole week of daily creativity.

Day 3
Your name.  I remembered the letter stacks from a past Christmas letter for some absentminded fun.

Day 4
Take a 5 minute walk, collect stuff, make something for others to find.  I cheated.  Near dusk, after planting in the garden all day, I made a face on the sidewalk beside our house.

Day 5
Collections.  Hmmm.  A library trip resulted in twice the books I intended to get.  Aha.  I have a book thing and the library recently fed my habit.  This is the stack that doesn't fit on the bookshelves. 

Day 6
Fruits or veggies.  At the end of a looooong day and no giving up... veggies I'm trying to eat more of.

Day 7
Watch your pet.  My pen wasn't waterproof. 

The full 2 page spread of our entertaining feline.

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