Saturday, April 2, 2016

In the Weeds

My ground rules for #CreativeSprint . . .
- The prompt is a nudge, a thought - follow it wherever the day and brain takes you.
- It's practice - not gallery artwork.
- Posting on the blog must take no more than 15 minutes.  (This will be ridiculously difficult.)
- No explaining how fast I drew or why the sketch kinda' sucks.  (Even harder... seriously, get me a don't-do-it medicine patch like smokers have.)

Day 2 - Create something inspired by a children's fable or fairy tale.

It's a beautiful no-wind Saturday and time to prep the garden.  While hacking at weeds and smoothing the soil, I kept hearing one garden nursery rhyme over and over.  A few volunteer onions and weeds posed for a portrait before meeting their demise.

1 comment:

Stinky Junior said...

That "no talking about how I didn't spend time on this" thing is TOUGH. Love the sketch tho, I think it would be great as a print or on a greeting card!

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