Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Art Before Taxes

Our tax man appointment is next week - early because of FAFSA due soon.  The 30 Day Challenge is in a holding pattern.  I am NOT giving up.  I AM doing paperwork.  Bleh.  Not my favorite kind of paperwork, but life's not all watercolor rainbows and happy stickmen.

Until next time - a few recent sketchbook pages...

The leaves were a natural for my first go at water soluble graphite pencils.
The sketchbook (start of this trek in that book) grew from an evening of dot, dot, dot...

I discovered last month - a website of figures in multiple poses.  It is a boon for those of us not terribly excited to wander around searching for moving strangers to sketch.  The changing pose option is fantastic for rapid gesture sketching - trying to capture just the line and movement of the figures.

A study of water drops (from photos).  We'll pretend the big ones are marbles.  Next time using real water.

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