Friday, April 22, 2016

but Mommm, I don't wannnna'!

Grandslackmaster - aka me.

#CreativeSprint day 8 - Make something in/from your bathroom.  I sketched the small kid-crafted sculpture that hangs in my bathroom.

Day 9 - Create your own holiday and how to celebrate it.  This is what I posted on Facebook:

Human to Human Day: face to face and voice to voice. (The theme song writes itself.) A national day to reconnect without electronic filters.
All communication is in person or phone call (not text - CALL).
No Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, video games, trolling - basically, no staring mindlessly at phones or computers. 
Everyone celebrates with family/friends/community by doing the multitude of fabulous things that don't require computers, tv or internet (exception only for video chatting with faraway peeps). 
(And no selfies of what you're doing on H2H Day.)

Day 10 (which I did on day 11) -  Use water as a medium or inspiration in your creation.  Interest, inspiration and patience waning, I splashed some water on the boards of our deck.

Day 12, 13, 14, 15....  My 6-year-old attention span wandered off, ignoring multiple not-so-inspiring prompts.  The last few are intriguing, but I've been otherwise occupied.  I feel like the kids in junior high who signed up to run "long" distance (800 meters) and got all whiny and wheezy and quit half way through the race.  I need a bossy art coach.


Stinky Junior said...

LOVE the water as a medium post. And I'm going to enable you, I got uninspired after day 7, did 2 more days and then ran away from the commitment. I actually felt like it was distracting me from the real creative work I needed to be doing.

So you did one day more than me :-)!! Congrats! Keep making art!!

Aggie said...

Glad it wasn't only me. Started out great, but seems like the prompts are aimed at people who aren't already trying to do creative things or something. Not sure exactly, just not inspiring. Thanks for enabling!

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