Friday, February 8, 2013

Stick(man) It!

Let me make this perfectly clear.  Anyone, I mean AN-EE-ONE, can keep a sketchbook or drawn journal!  Drawing ability is irrelevant.  It's all about making marks.  The act of scribbling on paper is therapeutic.  It can be literal scribbles, stick figures, recognizable shapes, or words mingling with drawings.  I know I neglected my art for most of my adult-ness, but I've been inspired and I want to get other people in on this.  So, several family members received some kind of sketchbook and drawing supplies for Christmas.  They laughed when I told them not to just hand the nice sketchbooks and quality drawing pens & pencils to their grand kids.  Grown ups need to play too!  One brother has an obvious natural talent.  He probably laughed the most.

A month later, that same brother sent me a birthday card with a stick figure preprinted on it and commented how this is what his drawing efforts would look like now.  A statement which makes it obvious he is ignoring my pushy art supplies.

So, this one's for my gift-ignoring brother.  A full page of quick stick figures.  Now pick up that lonely sketchbook or calendar page & DRAW A FEW OF YOUR OWN.  Yes, I just yelled that.

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