Monday, October 14, 2013

What a Difference a Year Makes

I took the weekend off from everything except laundry and football.  Me and the hubby hung out in the living room trying to banish evil cold germs.  Sipping Sleepytime Sinus Soother tea with honey tonight and feeling maybe almost human again.  I scanned through a few days of blog posts and discovered one artist, Shari Blaukopf, is celebrating two years of blogging.  Her art & blog are a steady inspiration.  Today she inspired me to reflect on the past year.

September 24, 2012: One rusty artist starts a quest with no real idea where it will lead.

Follow-through is not one of my great traits.  This blog, intended to keep me accountable, has done just that.  I have not always fleshed out grand plans hatched in this blog, but I'm still at it.  I don't sketch every day, but I do every week.  A few times a week is better than a few times a decade.

What came out of the tackle box so far:

Sketchbook Project
two newly filled sketchbooks
a few readers inspired to draw or create
a whole bunch of found moments to sketch

I've been beating myself up for not sketching enough.  Daily sketching is still a goal, but it's reassuring to see that list.  Thank you to my family and friends for your support and indulgence.  I am blessed.

Here's one of the found moments this past summer - a quick sketch of the newly cleaned combine as I waited for the guys to finish up a repair.

October 14, 2013:  Time to warm up my tea and continue the journey.


genie holt said...

Just want you to know that you are an inspiration to me. I'm not great at follow through either but your use of a blog to keep you on track makes me think I might be able to do it also. And i want to get back to sketching and making art too. Hope you are feeling better!

Aggie said...

Thank you Genie! At the end of a very long week, it was nice to read your lovely comment tonight. It's good to know sharing this journey is resulting in a bit of inspiration. I hope you can get back to sketching soon. It really is good for the soul!

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