Monday, September 30, 2013

Beneath My Feet

I chalked up a new art adventure Saturday - literally.  I stood, bent, squat, kneeled, sat & crawled over a 10' patch of sidewalk for about 4 hours drawing my first sidewalk art.  One week earlier I had no idea I would be doing this.

A month ago, my mother mentioned a chalk art contest during my hometown's Cornfestival.  I would be attending my class reunion at that time.  I said it sounded interesting, then promptly forgot about it.  Last Sunday, Mom mentioned she signed me up & did I still want to participate?  What?  My first reaction - "I can't do that!"  But here was another chance for a kick in the artist's pants, so I relented. 

Realism didn't feel doable for my first attempt, so I sketched up a whimsical scene the night before and am glad I went that route.  According to my creative cohorts, the sidewalk was too rough & too clean.  The pastel powder wasn't sticking as it should and would blow away as we worked.  Details just wouldn't hold well and the colors were not as intense.

In spite of the setbacks, I enjoyed my adventure and seeing everyone's pieces take shape.

This sun was by Karen, who was also a first-timer.  I love the colors and patterns.  She used a spray bottle of water to help the pastels stay.

I am impressed by the realism of the second photo.  Though Therese was disappointed with how her details kept blowing away, I was amazed by what she could accomplish on the rough concrete.  Something to strive for!  Therese was also very encouraging.  I owe this adventure mainly to her and my mother.  

The sidewalk across the street was filled with chalking kids.  These photos were taken the next day with my camera high above my head.  Mom and I both remarked how interesting the 3D effect was of the blocks in this first photo.  The images all look a little different from street level.  We didn't realize it was Mario until I looked through the photos on my camera! 

The Wolf Spirit is my favorite.  I don't know how old the artist was, but the imagination and use of color in this depiction of Native American folklore is fun!

And here's my whimsical tree...
It is faded from the chalk blowing away, but the flowers especially kept disappearing.

as seen from the street

from above
I didn't notice as I was snapping the picture, but now I see a bicycle tire mark along the bottom.  I wonder how long before the colors are worn & washed away.

a little perspective of the size of our squares... and a closer look at the tire mark
Cornfestival attendees were encouraged to vote for their favorites and I was surprised to learn I wound up with second place.  Second place came with a small cash prize.  I'm counting it as my first income as an artist.  Maybe I'll try this again sometime.

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