Friday, June 14, 2013

Artists Anonymous

Time out from the drawing project.  Actually, I was already taking a time out from the project and read this post on Danny Gregory's blog.  It's about the voice that stops us from doing what we love.  It really hit home for me, especially since I was reading it while procrastinating drawing.  It inspired me to finally write today's post now - before I get back to what I should be doing...

Last weekend, at a farmers market, one of the vendors wrapped our purchase in brown Kraft paper.  I said "So old school.  I can use this, because..." here the voice blurted out loud "I'm sort of an artist."  . . . sort of?  Why did I just say that?!?  I've wanted to be an artist since childhood.  I've been committed to rediscovering my art since last fall.  Why is it so hard to just say it?

This blog was started with a certain amount of anonymity.  I wanted to hold myself accountable and share with supportive family and friends.  They knew who I was and that was all that mattered.  Then, when I won The Artist print from Flying Shoes Art Studio, Kristy asked me for a little info so she could blog about the winner.  Um... hmmm... not quite yet...  I ramble on in this blog, but I'm a relatively quiet observer in person (except around my loud and wonderful family).  I wasn't ready, no matter how infrequent an unknown reader may stop by.  I remained Aggie and gained a follower to the blog.

I've noticed most artist bloggers use their real names, or at least a portion of it.  I mentioned to my sister recently that I think it might be time to share my real identity.  That sounds so Clark Kent and important!  It's not THAT important.  It's just been feeling appropriate.  I still hesitated.  Then the doubting voice incident happened and then I read that inspiring post today.  Sheesh, not a big deal, just do it already!

Well, I don't really know where I'm going yet - for fun? for family? for sale? for all of that? - learning as we go along.  However, I've been at this long enough to know I don't want to stop.  I will still blog as Aggie.  It's part of a nickname Dad gave me as a child and it is still me.  However, in the spirit of any other 12 step program... 

My name is Janet Kohl and I am... an artist.

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