Friday, June 21, 2013

A Good Day to Draw

All the posts from the little blue book were prepared at the same time so I could just hit publish & not take too much time out of this busy month for blogging.  However, before I get on with the next one, I must shout about drawing over 2 hours so far today & I'm not done yet!  Woot!  Taking a short break now, but I'm on a roll and feeling good.  Partial credit goes to this follow-up post by Danny Gregory on the obnoxious you-can't-do-it voice we all struggle with.  It was the kick in the pants I needed yesterday.  And, um, I think I should point out, though his blog is superb and his books are inspirational, I don't actually spend my days perusing Mr. Gregory's blog.  His thoughts have just been exceptionally relevant for me this past week and I had to share.

Back to Lil' Blue:
The next two pages were a direct result of Jane LaFazio's watercolor journaling class.  We were introduced to water soluble pens during lesson 5.  Draw your object, add water, pull some pigment around for shading.  Great fun!  After the class was over, I had to experiment in the little blue sketchbook.

 The only thing I don't like about this book so far is occasionally coming across a page like the one above where the adhesive is obvious.  I want to get a larger one and see if it's the same.

I highly recommend digging through your pens for one that is water soluble - felt tip or white board markers are your best bet.  Draw a circle or flower, then find a paintbrush and add water to your lines.  VoilĂ  - easy shading!

Addendum to the sketchbook sharing:  This page of shoes was created for the online class.  We were to draw in pen with one continuous line, then shade with the waterbrush.  (Relatively irrelevant information - for scale, the little sketchbook pages are shown basically actual size.  The shoes were done on 9 x 12 watercolor paper.)

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