Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Little Blue Book

My last online splurge included this pocket-size (2 7/8" x 4 1/8") sketchbook.
It's a little bigger than the photo and darker blue.

I did not specifically order it.  This was a freebie included with something else I wanted.  My memory fails me as to what I thought when it arrived.  At some point I had an aha moment and dedicated this little book to sketching without worry.  I created a front page and then promptly forgot about it.  Well, not really forgot, just couldn't figure out what to do on the next page.  How's that for not worrying?

We were headed out of town over one month later and I tossed the little blue book in my bag.  A few miles down the road I plunged in and drew whatever captured my interest - the road, parts of the car, my feet.  I draw my feet a lot and we'll discuss that in a future post.  The point is, I drew without caring how it turned out or who saw it.  So freeing!  Over the next month or so I discovered I really really like the paper & it works with multiple drawing and painting tools.  Now lil' blue is over half full of sketches, new medium testing, thoughts and quotes. 

The latest entries were Sunday on a trip that came about because of my husband's recent purchase.  He announced this spring that we're not getting any younger and he wasn't putting it off any longer.  While I was buying art supplies, he bought a Harley.  For those that know me - the answer is yes -  yes, I do love it.  We look forward to empty nest adventures - evening rides, occasional trips around the state or bits of the country.  Wherever it takes us, I'm in.  Fellow cycle-riding friends invited us on a ride Sunday.  Before we left, I tossed lil' blue into the "saddle bags" with our water and sunscreen.  I knew we'd be stopping to eat and didn't imagine what I could be drawing.  Regardless, I was ready.

As it turned out, we were headed to an antique car & tractor show.  We walked down the small town street admiring the old machinery & I kept timidly thinking "I should be sketching that."  Finally, an interesting hood ornament stared me down & yelled "Draw ME!"  So, as the group moved ahead a bit, I nervously pulled out the book and quickly sketched.

 Next to it - a Ford S Coupe.  The shape was too inviting and my pen kept going - rapid sketchy lines (I have difficulty with single continuous line) and I was wishing for invisibility powers.

The group began noticing and questioned my husband.  "Darling, tell them what you're doing there."  And I did.  They were inquisitive, supportive and I think somewhat impressed.  Whew!  Another small step in the journey - due to a free little blue sketchbook, a big red motorcycle and a moment of bravery.  We stayed for awhile and I'll share more of the day and sketches another time. 

I actually started this post to explain my plan for the next month or so.  I'll be busy on a drawing project during that time.  In anticipation of this, I decided yesterday afternoon to share pages from the little sketchbook - 1 or 2 or 3 every few days - with minimal explanation until we arrive at the rest of the sketches from the cycle trip.  That should get us near the end of my current self-imposed assignment.

This sketchbook was meant for total freedom with no worries of sharing.  In a way, that's what makes it perfect for sharing - to show the realities of this journey as I spontaneously fill my tiny sketching journal.  And, just maybe, a person or two will happen across this and feel inspired to start a tiny little journal of sketches or doodles or ideas or poems or whatever.  It's good for the soul.  It really is.

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