Friday, January 3, 2014

Acrylic Procrastinart

I stayed home sick today.  As the afternoon passed, I felt better and thought I really need to get cracking on my Sketchbook Project.  I'm still not in the mood to be creative or productive.  I even went back and read the post about the why's of this trek and it helped only marginally.  The deadline is looming, so I laid out my blank sketchbook and the little rock that "inspired" me to do this.

See how that blank white page just sits there and stares at you.

The only sensible next step was some procrastinart.  Naturally.  

Sketchbook removed - out came the acrylic paints my son gave me a year ago.  I haven't painted with acrylics since college.  Out of practice is a giant understatement.  With a little of each color on the palette, I proceeded to play.  What you see below is simply that - play.  It represents nothing (except procrastinating) - no abstract meaning- just brushing and mixing and relearning the nature of the paint.

Less than two weeks to finish the sketchbook.  What would I ever get done if it weren't for deadlines?

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