Thursday, August 8, 2013

Slow Road to Styx

Little blue sketchbook - same road trip as the fading windmills:

This was a tiny bit of a pilgrimage.  I am a lifelong Styx fan who had never seen them live.  I discovered the current version of Styx, including a few original members, was playing within driving distance this past spring.  Off we went - full speed ahead! . . . until we hit road construction.

Our crawl along the highway delayed us enough to miss most of the opening act.  We did get to see REO Speedwagon (original members - energetic OLD guys!) before Styx played.  Cross that off the bucket list!

My family slept in the next morning, but I woke up unusually early.  So, I sketched the day-after view, including one crumpled up souvenir t-shirt.

We hit the art store later that day and I tested my purchases on the sketchbook pages.  Here you'll see the clearanced Graphitints, that, as noted in the last post, will fade.  Rats.

Update:  I just discovered that the Tombow markers tested on this page also fade easily.  Well, pooh.

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