Friday, July 5, 2013

Sketching Everywhere

We attended our city's fireworks extravaganza last night and I sketched while waiting for the sun to go down - more on that another day.

Right now we're headed in a mostly opposite direction of the last mostly serious entry.  If you're sensitive about bathroom talk, stop here and come back in a few days for the next post...

This particular evening, for whatever reason, I walked into the bathroom with my sketchbook & a green Micron pen.  I honestly don't remember if it was on purpose.  No, I wasn't really in there all that long.  It's a quick sketch.  See that little writing along the left edge.  Yup, it says "throne view."  I almost didn't share this.  Almost, but then I couldn't say . . .  Yes, you truly can sketch just about anywhere.

Update:  Less than 10 minutes after publishing this, I read today's post from James Gurney about painting in the dark at the fireworks show.  Hilarious!  You really can find a way to sketch/paint basically anywhere.

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Stinky Junior said...

I'm so sharing this on FB :)

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