Friday, April 5, 2013

Patchwork Doodles

What to do when you're feeling under the weather and don't want to read, watch TV, cook, draw or think?  You (I) doodle.  This is in the mandala book from my generous daughter.  You're supposed to color the shapes while your mind goes where ever.  Most of the mandalas in this book are circular.  This one seems all quilty - hence the random doodle patches.

    I started on this a couple of weeks ago when the Micron color pens I ordered arrived with my virtual class supplies.  I like the fine points and bright colors.  (A little less bright than they appear here.)  Little blocks of doodles seemed the perfect thing to break them in.  I just did a few squares at that time.  Yesterday presented the perfect opportunity to mindlessly complete the page.

Clouds, raindrops and leaves - a totally unplanned coincidental happy doodle accident. 

While not thinking a whole lot, I didn't want to repeat patterns.  Looking at this, I just realized I duplicated the bubble circle pattern in red and green... right next to each other.  

 Objects are closer than they appear - the spaces are actually 1/2 inch squares.

 Flowers and blood cells and windmills, oh my.  : )

And the center?  Doodles?  Lines?  Words?  Too much thinking.  My brain zoned out and my hand started poking at it - dotting the middle with all colors - crowding the edge for some 3D.

Your turn!  Grab some paper - any will do.  Scratch out some squares and start doodling.  While building this page, I also chatted and listened to the TV off and on.  Multitasking! 

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