Monday, April 15, 2013

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

What is my style?  Do I have one definable style?  Can it really be defined at this point or ever?  I suppose so, to some extent.  Upon seeing some of my work from the watercolor journal class, a friend said "So, your style is kind of folksy?"  Say what?  I wanted to burst into laughter.  That is probably one of the last words I would've used, but seeing the direction of this particular class, I get how she thought that.  Plus, maybe I do have that look and don't even realize it.  Unnamed friend, if you're reading this, don't worry, I really do understand and I appreciate your interest.

Why does it bother me when someone tries to define my style?  Perhaps the perfectionist in my bones wants to hear "Your style is perfect."  That's just silly (says my inner smart person).  Perhaps it's because I can't seem to settle on one medium or technique.  Perhaps I don't want to be limited, or expected, to draw and paint a certain way.  (Cue Roy Rogers - Don't Fence Me In.)  When someone grabs the specimen frame and tries to pin down my style, I wriggle away and want to prove whatever they just said is wrong.  Why?  Perhaps it's just human nature.

Okay, so here's the deal world - I don't want to paint (or draw) myself into a corner, so don't plan on putting me there.  I'm breaking out - trying new things along with "perfecting" the old.

Now, where's that Dirty Dancing soundtrack?


Sherie said...

Aggie, I was just talking to my watercolor teacher / friend about what style / direction I was trying to go in or to. I want to try so many different things - journaling, watercolor, drawing, etc, not finding it yet. I am a newbie at all this. The comment she made which struck a cord with me is that I am in the investigational / journey stage and that is okay, still trying to find the "style". So at this point I am enjoying the ride and trying it all! Have a great day. Sherie

Aggie said...

That comment is a perfect explanation Sherie. Good reminder to enjoy the journey. Thanks for sharing!

Stinky Junior said...

Your style is perfect.

Aggie said...

Your comment is perfect. : )

Thanks for the smile Stinky!

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