Monday, April 8, 2013

An Illustrated Interruption

I should be drawing right now.  I'm not because I'm blogging.  Okay, I wasn't blogging a few moments ago.  I was in the virtual classroom commenting on my classmates' artwork.  I think that was a worthy use of time.  I'm enjoying the community of this online class.  Many of us are hyper critical of our own work.  The numerous fresh perspectives of those who've never seen your art are tremendously helpful, not to mention the professional input of the class instructor.

Before the commenting session, I was reading a newly acquired completely brilliant book.  Before that I was perusing art blogs.  Before that was supper.  Before that - exercise & kicking some cholesterol butt.  Before that - laundry & dishes.  And before that was work.  You get the picture.  Today was not an art creation day.  It was, however, an art observing day.  The aforementioned book is An Illustrated Journey by Danny Gregory.  It is basically a sequel to An Illustrated Life.  Along with my pushy daughter, this book was one of the big inspirations to stop procrastinating & get busy art-ing.  An Illustrated Life emphasizes that everyone should use sketching (skills don't matter) to record life.  I agree.  I can't seem to convince anyone else, but I agree.  The second book is all about using sketchbooks to capture trips and vacations - near or far, short or long.  More inspiration.

Now I'm done blogging and ready to hit the hay, but not before I draw an itty bitty illustration in my itty bitty calendar.  At least there will be one tiny bit of art today!

Wait - a bit of whimsy before you go.  This drawing suit, with anti internet headband, is on my life wish list!

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