Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Couch with a View

When I'm sketching in the evenings it is often from the couch - no dedicated art space... yet.  So, evening subjects are whatever is within view.  The following were done on a lazy Sunday.  A little pen sketch first, then the top of Milo's head and my feet (a nightly scene) in pencil.  Below that - a peek in the tool bag my hubby gave me for Christmas.

Anything on the floor must be Milo tested. 
The real deal.


More art supplies - a pen sketch and line drawing of my small Van Gogh watercolor travel set.

Angle view - gotta' throw one in.

More art supplies arrived last weekend.  Woohoo!  They have a very specific purpose which I promise to share very soon.


FeedYourSoulArt said...

Hahaha, my Milo's name is Hercules! He has his own table but insist on using mine as often as he likes.

Aggie said...

Hercules - love the name! Every artist needs a furry sidekick - to keep us company and boss us around a bit.

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