Friday, October 5, 2012

Sleepy Cat - Sleepy Artist - Sleepy Plan

Milo sleeping on my art books
Tuesday:  Sketching sleeping Milo - not easy when he's easily disturbed by the dog, the husband, bugs, noises, sudden dirty fur spots, etc.

Wednesday:  At midnight - an insanely quick sketch of sleeping stick people.  I was beat & it was a lame attempt to keep up the daily drawing.  I'm just barely counting it.

Thursday:  Brought out the conte crayons from the tackle box.  Considerable fun testing the colors & making swirls on the page, then turning them into a random group of leaves.  Later that night - quick little doodles in the little sketchbook illustrating the worst and best parts of the day.

The past few days have hatched two plans.  One - spend a few days, or a week or two, sketching the cat (& likely the dog who is tired of the cat hogging my attention) until it feels familiar.  Nice to have a specific goal for the pages.  Plan number two - make a quick sketch in the little sketchbook every night of the best and worst things that day.  I'm a bit excited about that one.  Will it be a temporary obsession or develop into one of those lovely life long habits?  This idea came from another blog and I lost track of which one it was.  Sorry unknown blogger - I'd like to credit you, but I was evidently too scattered that day.

Conte crayon fun -  It's Autumn!
the good and the bleh

PS  While researching art blogs, I happened upon a blogger who intended to draw 365 days in a row.  Her last post was day 10 - in 2009.  I wonder why there was no day 11 or 12 or 365...  I am grateful I've passed day 10 - still here & still drawing!

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