Monday, October 8, 2012

Friday Fail - Weekend Recovery

It happened.  I made it a whole 11 days and then Friday - FAIL!  I didn't draw, doodle or sketch the whole entire day. Sigh.

Saturday we took part in the university homecoming parade.  Feeling guilty about Friday, I brought my little sketchbook.  We arrived early.  Directly in front of us was a float of flowers & straw bales & college kids bundled up against the first chilly fall day.  Then I did something I haven't done for many, and I mean MANY, years.  I opened the sketchbook in public.  The decorations were first, then the students in coats and hoods.  It was only two pages of incomplete figures - my models kept moving - but it was a milestone in this little journey.

Sunday evening came and I wasn't in the mood to be artsy.  We'd been working out in the cold all afternoon.  I was achy, tired & growing a headache.  Milo was sleeping across the room and I didn't want to get off the couch to attempt drawing him.  Humph!  I scrolled through my Pinterest board for ideas.  Guess I could do some gesture drawings of my hand . . . ten 20 second sketches, then ten 40 seconds and finally 2 minutes.  They started bleh, but as the 2 minute sketches progressed, I began appreciating how the lines improved and was glad I'd kicked my lazy self in the heinie.  I was still achy, sleepy & needing aspirin, but I had drawn.

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