Saturday, January 26, 2013

The First Page

A William Wordsworth quote has been sloshing around in my head the past few weeks.  I've seen it before and it popped up in some other blog as plain old text.  A little boring for my purposes.  My brain kept rolling it around - surrounding the words with color and swirls.  A few days ago I finally pulled out my empty mixed media sketchbook.  Ink, then markers, then watercolor, colored pencil and a lot more ink.  Here's the result.  Not what I saw in my head, but I'm telling the perfectionist to stuff it.

In a wonderful miracle of me not really thinking about what I'm doing, this is on the first page of my mixed media sketchbook.  Just about anybody who keeps a sketchbook knows that the first page can be the most difficult.  The first page screams at you
"DO SOMETHING MARVELOUS!"  Who wants to mess up the first page of a beautiful and promising blank book?

Most creative types recommend starting somewhere in the middle to break the ice.  Well, without thinking I just scrawled out the quote.  Seems a fitting first page.  Now... what to do on page 2? 

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