Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Loop to Loop

We've entered the busiest time of year in my university office.  Most days I just want to come home, collapse and eat nachos or hot fudge or both.  I'm stealing 10 minutes to leave these loopy photos here for you.

reclining husband on the phone

My husband is a talker.  If you know him, you're laughing at this understatement.  My yakking spouse made a decent first subject for the next exercise in the Art Escapes book - loop gesture sketches.  Movement and shape are captured using one quick continuously looping line.

still on the phone - switched to the other ear

This gesture method was a fast blast and the inner perfectionist slept through the whole thing.  I think the lines captured his pose & energy, but then, I was there and know what these actually represent.

Definitely adding this to my sketching warm up repertoire.

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