Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cycle Crossing

Week 3 assignment of Sketchbook Skool Stretching:  Draw something with wheels (vehicles, chairs, whatever) slow and careful and shade with cross hatching.  Hey - I finally have an excuse to sketch our motorcycle!

I started Sunday and photo #1 is how much I finished in about 30 minutes, 10 of which was probably just staring at the page hating the anxiety of actually starting.

Photo 2 is Monday.  That was about the time I started wishing I'd picked pretty much any other wheeled object in the garage.  I knew there were a lot of parts, but c'mon!
There are no progress pics from Tuesday and Wednesday.  I was too obsessed with being annoyed by all the details.  Do you know HOW MANY little brackets and screws and tubes and totally useless tiny pieces there are on a motorcycle?  Do you?  I'll tell you.  WAY TOO MANY!  I mean, who designs these things?!?
With the line work finished Wednesday, Thursday's goal was to crosshatch everything and upload before supper.  I figured I could knock that out in under an hour.  Um, yeah, I should know my slow self better.  

An hour later as suppertime loomed and a storm raged outside, my mood alternated between irritation at my snail pace and complete engrossment in the process. I tried not to rush.  I rushed.  I stopped rushing.  Another hour passed and I finished - sorta'.  As usual, there are a ton of places I want to darken up, but it's all practice right?

I told my husband there are simply too many little bitty cycle parts.  He laughed.  I then pointed out the parts of the drawing that are wonky.  He told me it looked good and the "wonky" places actually looked like I did it on purpose - like a caricature.  I'll take that.

Bonus realization:  I don't crosshatch like anyone else and that is a-okay.  More than okay - fabulous!  Starting at the back of the cycle focusing on cross hatching like the instructor, I quickly slipped into my style as I moved to the right.  My cross hatch is just right for my pen, my paper, my art.

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